Ok, but what is a throw ?

We define throws as mini-blankets, as well as decorative elements.

You can rest a throw blanket over the back of a couch, the arm of a couch, or down the length of a recliner, and it will look like it’s always belonged there.When you’re watching TV, and you get a little chilly, just pull the blanket down and fluff it open. If you decide to turn off the TV and take cuddle up on the couch in the living room, your throw blanket is there for you.

But our throws are also decorative elements : just add an eye catching personalized throw to your living room and you will see the difference.   


Our dimensions.

Our standard throw is cm 100 x 150 but you can find in our catalogue also larger sizes, as  cm 120  x 150.

Usually we avoid square dimensions.


The materials.

We use only premium materials as cashmere, vicuna (yes the “God’s fiber” ! ), alpaca, mohair wool, high end faux fur and real fur.

 As a "world first " , we are also making throws with Thindown (r) , the revolutionary fabric made with pure goose down. 2 times warmer than an duvet and 4 times warmer than an syntetique !  


Our standard throw in cashmere generally weighs less than 800 grams.



If your room is colorful, it is safe to go with neutral colors such as blue, black or taupe. On the other hand, warm colors like mustard yellow, vibrant red and deep orange can brighten up a room.

We like also the scottish tartan design. 

Serial number.

Some of our throws are unique , not only for their design and making, but also because the carry a unique serial number : there will never be two throws perfectly identical.



Want to personalize your throw ? No problem, just send us any picture in jpg format and grayscale mode, up to cm 30 x 30 , and we will laser print it on a real nappa leather to be placed at the center ( or anywhere) of your throw.

It could be the perfect gift for your loved ones !